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Green Key


Hotel Ernst Sillem Hoeve has always been engaged in CSR. In recent years, interest in CSR, environment and durability has increased in trade and industry. More and more companies receive a hallmark like, for example, a Green Key. We proudly announce to be in the possesion of the Golden Green Key; with this we meet the highest standards of the hallmark and belong to the top of the tested companies in the Netherlands. With this Golden Green Key we wish to show our guests that durable entrepreneurship plays a central role in our organisation.

Documents available for perusal: Durable purchasing document

What we do in the area of CSR, environment and durability among other things:


  • We serve Alex Meijer coffee with eco hallmark and organic tea.
  • We carry a broad range of biological products in our assortment and the fish selection is of durable catch.
  • The fresh produce on our à la carte menu are mostly biological. It is possible to put together a biological menu for meetings.
  • We keep the usage of mono packaging to a minimum.

MVO Gouden Green Key


  • The lights in the hotelrooms and hallways are equipped with low-energy light bulbs as well as led lights. Efficient and energy-saving lighting outside of the building (Greenlight hallmark).
  • Watersupply for the bottling of spring water. By reusing water bottles we reduce the flow of transportation to and from our location.
  • Awareness and instructions to the staff to conserve energy. (Switching off aircondonditioners, lighting and heating in halls and rooms that are unoccupied)
  • Anti-draught measures: door-springs and automatic doors.
  • 100% use of durable electric power.
  • Charging stations for 8 electric bicycles.
  • Charging stations for 2 electric cars.

MVO Gouden Green Key


  • Collaboration with juvenile institution Den Engh; we offer possibilities for interships in the kitchen and service.
  • We offer employment to collegues with (mild) mental disabilities.
  • We offer our swimmingpool to the Thomashuis from Maartensdijk every Wednesday to come swimming with a group of mentally disabled children.
  • The staff's tipjar has paid for the adoption of two children from "Plan Nederland"

MVO Gouden Green Key


Ernst Sillem Hoeve's profits go to the YMCA. The YMCA is Ernst Sillem Hoeve's sole shareholder. The money is spent on youth work, holidays for children with multiple handicaps or behavioural problems and on holidays for children of refugees. These holidays are supported by 300 young volunteers who are equipped by the YMCA to make these holidays possible.

Furthermore, support is given to projects in Indonesia (renovation of an elementary school in Surabaya) and Armenia (leadership training for summercamps).

MVO YMCA Gouden Green Key

Separate waste collection and cleaning

  • We use microfiber cloths when cleaning the hotelrooms and public spaces.
  • We use dispencers in the bathrooms, toilets and staffrooms. We use environmentally friendly supplies.
  • Instructions for reusing towels in the hotelrooms.
  • We have separate underground containers for paper, glass and residual waste. This makes the gathering and storage more efficient as there are less waste collections. Furthermore, due to cooler temperatures underground preventing nasty smells from spreading easily, it is also more hygenic. 
  • We also collect cartridges separately and there will be recycling bins for the organic waste from the kitchen.

MVO Green Key

Transportation management

  • Facility to pick up and drop off guests (free of charge) from the trainstation in Den Dolder.
  • Bicycle rental.

MVO Gouden Green Key


  • We use paper and printed matter with an FSC- and ECF-hallmark.
  • We print doublesided and send requested documentation digitally as often as possible.

MVO Green Key

Renovations and modernizations

  • With all renovations and modernizations we look for methods and materials that put as little strain on the environment as possible.
  • With replacement intevestments for example, we pay look for energy-saving appliances.

MVO Green Key
geschiedenis ernst sillem hoeve

The guests slept in dormitories. The guest rooms were especially for married and engaged couples.


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